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Amazing deals on sporting goods used to compete in a sport and varies depending on the sport.

  • Adjustable Jump Rope for Boxing, Men, Women – Non Weighted

    ADJUSTABLE JUMP ROPE – Shape your entire body, plus improve your balance and coordination with this professional exercise tool that’s perfect for all ages and sizes. Each rope can be adjusted (either 7, 8, 9, or 10 ft.) to suit your body height, for seamless jumping.

    AWESOME CARDIO TOOL – Whether you’re trying to lose weight or achieve six-pack abs, exercise is crucial, and this jump rope is one of the greatest workout tools for toning your entire body while having fun.

    IDEAL FOR SPORTS TRAINING – From basketball to boxing, to any sport where speed and agility are central to success, this jump rope is the perfect athletic training tool. Improve endurance, stamina, and speed while building muscle.

    COMFORTABLE GRIP/ SMOOTH SWING – Each rope features padded, foam handles that make for a comfortable, firm grip and easy, smooth swinging. Unlike fabric ropes that can easily tangle, the PVC tubing on this one allows for steady, efficient swings.

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