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Postidal, Inc., is an American Technology company with headquarters in New Haven, CT. It primarily focuses on e-commerce and modern self-checkout Bodega Stores.




Postidal was founded in February 2020 in Washington Heights, NYC. Since its start, Postidal has primarily aimed to achieve two objects: a reliable Marketplace, where resellers and businesses would retail their inventory along with Postidal’s; and secondly, the creation of modern-day self-checkout bodegas, destructing the bodegas market, which has remained almost the same since the early 1900s.



Provide a marketplace, where businesses and resellers would come in together to deliver a reliable, low-priced shopping experience for ur customers.



Provide customers with a modern-day and convenient shopping experience while purchasing at any of our bodegas, or marketplace; always keeping a low-priced and high-quality products strategy for our customer base.

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